8 Easy Style Tips For All the Ladies Out There

Some people are really keen to know what to wear at various places or circumstances. They read from magazines or follow certain stars. If you are one of them then following steps would be really beneficial for you:

1) Clothing is a form of communication

This theory emphasizes on the fact that we are always in communication with something. Clothing not only appeals to our aesthetics rather is a source of interacting with others. It is a medium of expressing our feelings towards others and whatever we wear speaks our language with others.

2) Outfits are responses to social situations

A variety of social situations means we would dress differently according to a certain social environment, for example, our clothes would be different in office than in a party. The difference in clothing means how we are ready to communicate in variable social situations. Different attires helps us to handle different situations confidently.

3) Fit is the most important thing

Fitting is the priority of every dress. Distinct body shapes require a plain outfit to fit properly. Otherwise, we won’t get confidence or look good. There isn’t the same dress that would look good to a healthy and slim person.

4) A great pair of jeans is worth investing in

It is necessary to invest in an expensive pair of jeans because that would remain in the wardrobe for many years. However, cheaper jeans can be bought now and then.

5) Dressing should be half your audience half your personal style

Although as said earlier dressing is a medium of expression, but the people coming in contact should also be taken into consideration. For example, e.g., we might want to wear a particular outfit in office but would not be appropriate for the office environment. Thus we must consider both our choices and environment. Thus while making choices, we need to see where are we going and then make choices suitable to that environment.

6) It is important to know the right time to play with your trends

You are free to opt for new fashion trends, but the place is something important to be taken into consideration. Evening parties or hangouts with friends at night are best places to wear whatever you want to rather than any wedding. For if you try a  new trend in a wedding it might not look good, and you will feel awkward among all but trying the same with friends is rather easy to carry.

7) Seemingly tiny tricks can totally change your looks

We need not spend heavily to transform our wardrobe to look trendy rather small variations can prove to be handy. Simply folding of a pant or sleeve can change our look. Thus, such tiny thing can be so helpful in changing looks.

8) One must have style signature

Signature means there must be some unique aspect of your dressing that differentiates you from others and stays as your style for a long time. It can be your jeans or jewelry such as a bangle that you always wear, a particular band, lip color, etc.